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BRIAN MILLS DRAWINGS Posted on 09/11/2017


Brian Mills Drawings

On Monday, Maggie and I travelled to Ramsgate in Kent to visit Gloria Mills, Brian's widow, partly to say hello and share a cup of tea, but also to collect Brian's portfolio of drawings which Gloria has entrusted to the Carp Society to sell on her behalf. I personally feel quite humbled by this, having spent the last two evenings placing the drawings into folders, so they can be viewed without being damaged. In total there are over 150 drawings, some of which simply took my breath away, because of their detail and accuracy. There are many carp pictures but additionally drawings of every other freshwater species as well. Before his passing Brian told me he had completed the drawings to support Gloria, and because Brian was such a good personal friend and friend of the Carp Society, I am committed to help him achieve his goal.

The drawings will be available to view and purchase at our Sandown show in November, I will also have them at Robertson's Tackle open day in December, and again on the Carp Society stand at the Brentwood show in January 2018. If you are looking for a special present for the angler in your life, then you need look no further than this. We have printed notelets for £7 a set. Limited edition, certificated prints from £20, and original drawings from £40 upwards. The proceeds will go to Brian's widow Gloria.

I am also looking into producing a limited edition collectors item book, of Brian's drawing, pictures of his carvings and a number of specially written stories by well known anglers which feature Brian. If you are a collector, and would be interested in purchasing a book of this nature please PM Derek Stritton on his Facebook messenger site, or contact Sabrina in the Carp Society office.

Come and say hello on the Society stand at Sandown, and if you do no more than look at this amazing collection, you'll be richer for the experience. Better still bring some know you want to!

Derek Stritton.