The Carp Society formed in 1981 with the primary aim to develop and promote Carp Angling, today the organisation still abides by the founding principles, as well as developing the Carp Society for the future. 

  • Promote the sport of angling 
  • Provide facilities for teaching, taking part in and enjoying the sport
  • Encourage anglers to treat all fish with respect
  • To provide waters to ensure protected fishing 
  • Promote and organise educational, sporting and social events 
  • Maintain and develop our lakes 
  • Represent the interest of carp anglers in all matters


Fishing Horseshoe Lake 


To fish any of our lakes you will need to become a full Carp Society member.

The annual membership fee is £25 and joining could not be easier

Non fishing guests (only partners and children permitted) must be a Carp Society member when visiting or staying with anglers on the lake. Visitors must not be given access codes/keys to the lake but must be let in/out by the angler who is fishing.  Please check the rules for visitors on the fishing horseshoe page 

Partner memberships are charged at the full rate of £25 

Junior memberships are £10 (these are only available through the shop (Juniors aged 5-15years old) 


  • New members must complete a membership form either online (via the shop page) or in person
  • Join online - Visit our shop page here 
  • In person at the Carp Society office on Horseshoe Lake 
  • Renewals can be made over the phone 01367 253959


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Predation Action Group

Please help the Predation Action Group record incidents of predation (otters, cormorants etc), and keep accurate records of otter fenced fisheries throughout the UK by completing our quick and simple repot forms whcih you'll find on the dedicated PAG page of this website.

This information will help us to create an accurate database of predation activity in order to help identify fisheries at risk.

Predation Action Group