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MIke Wilson - Our new President Posted on 17/11/2023

MIke Wilson - Our new President

Mike Wilson - Our new President 

Those around at the time of the Carp Society’s inception back in the early eighties may already be familiar with the name of Mike Wilson.Mike was a regular speaker at many of the early Society regional meetings throughout the country and his accompanying slide shows left many of us completely in awe of his catches. Not only carp, the likes of which many of us had only dreamt about at the time, but also his impressive tally of other fish, most also to specimen sizes, which along with the quality of Mike’s photography took slide shows to a whole new level.

He has always been a staunch supporter of the Carp Society, but what may well have slipped under the radar for many is how instrumental Mike was, along with Dave Watson and Tim Paisley, in the production of the early editions of the Society magazine ‘Carp Fisher’. This magazine, originally produced bi-yearly, really put the Society on the map and completely raised the bar for the standard and quality of angling publications at that time. Mike’s own Carp Fisher articles, were always thought provoking and his theory behind what he called the ‘Baiting Pyramid’ sent many of us back to the drawing board to rethink our approach to targeting the better fish in our own waters. He was also an early pioneer on Savay Lake at a time when the lake was still hanging onto its secrets, and had to piece the jigsaw together as he went along, which he did with remarkable success whilst always preferring to remain unassuming and low profile.

Mike is always approachable, is truly one of carp fishings’ gentlemen, and we are delighted to announce that he has accepted the position of our new President.

Mike Wilson featured on the cover of the first Carp Fisher magazine 

Mike Wilson (pictured on the right) with Derek Stritton, Len Arbery, Chris Ball & Kris Ford