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MEMBERS & MEMBERSHIP NEWS Posted on 24/06/2017


Let's begin with a "Thank you!"

To all of you who have joined us at a time of great uncertainty, and supported us through the difficult recent legal proceedings. At the start of those proceedings the Society had just 11 members! We have now passed the first 1000! Onwards and upwards! We know with the number of Carp Anglers out there we have a potential to continue to grow. The greater the membership the more we will be listened to. Time now for some information about what we have on offer to members and future joiners, and some of our plans for the future. Here we go!


Why join the Carp Society?

* New joiners will receive a welcome pack including a Carp Society car sticker (memberships brought from 1st July 2017) 

* The Carp Society is a voice for Carp anglers

* We are affiliated to Angling Trust, represented on the "Specialist Angling Group" and intend to work with AT on a number of angling issues

* The Carp Society is also affiliated to the "Predation Action Group" (PAG) and has three representatives on the PAG board. We are working for you against predation on all levels

* We are able to offer advice to members on issues of predation. Our fishery manager is "licensed to trap otters within fenced fisheries"

* Members receive a 50% reduction in ticket costs for our annual Sandown Show, including early morning entry to the show.

* We will also hold an annual event at Horseshoe, with an evening BBQ for members and their families.

* Access to the fishing on Horseshoe lake and booking our holiday venue "Little Farriers." You are also able to apply for our syndicate venues, "Farriers," "Langholme," and winter syndicate on "Little Farriers." throught the waitlist procedures

* Annual "Junior Carp Camp" 

* An Annual General Meeting for you to hear how the Society is being run, with an open forum for you to have your say.

And the Future?

* We are currently developing a portfolio of offers to memebers including:

- Reductions in fishing holidays costs

- Tackle and trade discounts 

- Access to other fisheries and futher benefits 

- A members only area of the website to include articles and information 

- A publication to "celebrate the regreneration of the Society" 

- Carp fishing museum at Horseshoe Lake 

- Other types of Society membership, with layered benefits packade

And lastly but by no means least  a reminder that we are holding a Celebration / Open Weekend at Horseshoe Lake on the 15th and 16th July supported by the trade.  We will have a number of Trade stands, activities, food, bar, tombola and raffle as well as a NEW AND USED AUCTION ON SUNDAY. 

Come and join us, support the Society, bring the family and enjoy yourself, and take time to share your ideas about membership with us.