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IT NEARLY ALL WENT WRONG Posted on 03/03/2017


Following a ten-month legal case the directors of the Society are delighted to announce they have fully gained control of the Society and can be recognised as the Carp Society Board.

With the case heading for a High Court hearing at the end of March, the four deposed directors, who brought the proceedings; Malcolm Coller, David Mannall, Derek Buxton and Shane Thompson have agreed to pay a significant part of our legal costs to bring the case to an end.They, together with Annee Mannall and Janet Cebunka will walk away and have no part in the future of the Society either as directors or members in Society affairs.

Although we have always been advised by our legal team of the strength of our case, the ever escalating costs involved in proceeding to a final hearing would have made it unlikely that those costs could be retrieved from the other side even if fully awarded to us.

We can now begin to move the Carp Society forward in the manner that was always intended.

Because of the shortfall in costs between those we have accepted and those incurred, we will continue to fund raise over the months ahead, and would ask everyone for their support in helping us do this.

Special thanks to my fellow directors; Greg Fletcher, Steven Hall, Miles Carter, Marsh Pratley, Paul Boichat and Brian Sefton. And to Sabrina Widdows in the Society office, and Tim Paisley, John Seal and Bill Ward.

Massive thanks for the positive comments and support everyone. It’s been a bumpy and sometimes uncomfortable ride, but we got there in the end! Along the way there has been the odd comment of “why bother?” The Society and its assets were built to support the world of Carp fishing and angling in the future, not for the benefit of a few individuals. This was a battle that had to be fought, for justice and for the future of Carp fishing.

“Yes we can!” finally became “Yes we did!”

Look out for further comment and information on our website and FaceBook page.

Derek Stritton - Chairman
On behalf of the Board