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AGM - 7th October 2017 Posted on 21/09/2017

AGM - 7th October 2017

The Carp Society

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General meeting (the “meeting”) of the Carp Society (the “company”), will be held at Horseshoe Lake, Burford Road, Lechlade, Gloucestershire GL7 3QQ on Saturday 07th October at 2.30pm to transact the following business as shown on the agenda.


The following people have been nominated to fill the one vacancy which exists on the board of directors:

Voting will take place at the AGM, if you are unable to atttend but wish to vote please complete and send in your proxy vote. 

Candidate: Mark Walsingham

Proposed by: Derek Stritton

Seconded by: Tim Paisley


Candidate: Steve Bowles

Proposed by: Justin Hawkins

Seconded by: Sabrina Widdows


Candidate: Rob Saunders

Proposed by: Nick Scott

Seconded by: Gary Nunn

We have today received notification that Andy Wilkinson has withdrawn his application to run for director at this time.


Mark Walsingham

I am a life-long carp angler and now own and run my own fishery Ashmead, which I have developed over the past twenty years from the degraded swamp we first bought into the vibrant, natural wetland it is today; a fishery that contains some of the UK’s most sought after carp.

I have worked in fisheries and nature conservation throughout my professional career. I worked for over fifteen years for the National Trust, where I was appointed as a senior manager in the Trust’s Conservation department. In this role I worked at the policy level with Government, on issues such as the Water Framework Directive, environmentally sustainable land management and fisheries.

Since leaving the Trust, I have remained involved in policy work on some of the most difficult issues facing angling in general and carp angling in particular. This included working with partners from both angling and nature conservation, to secure the first licence granted by Natural England to trap and remove otters from fenced fisheries. This continuing work has just been recognised by winning the prestigious Animal Action Award from International Fund for Animal Welfare.

I am a published angling author and have written in a number of angling publications for over fifteen years. I am most proud of my series of articles in Carpworld over the past fifteen years.

I bring this experience to the role of Director of The Carp Society but more importantly, I bring a passion for angling and a long-standing commitment to promoting the best of our sport and fisheries management, to ensure that future generations can share in the pleasure that angling can bring.

Steve Bowles

I have put myself forward for the position of director as I have been a member of the Carp Society for 17 years and have freely given my time to support fishing at Horseshoe Lake through helping run Junior Carp Camp, Masterclass, acting as Bailiff and also carrying out general maintenance both at Horseshoe and Farriers.

During the recent troubles, I was the only ‘paid up’ member of The Carp Society, giving support to the Life Members action and enabling us to take back control of The Society.

I feel it is important for the anglers to have a voice at meetings and would like to represent them. I believe that through this we can raise membership; members input and take on new ideas.

I would be honoured to be considered for the position of director.


Rob Saunders

I Rob Saunders have applied for the vacant director’s position because I feel that I am an approachable, level headed individual who is a passionate carp fisherman. I have been actively involved in the carp society for the past 12 years, and I have been a bailiff for almost the same time.

I have fished Horseshoe for many years and I am currently fishing farriers so I am regularly on the bank for members to approach me with their concerns, comments or even help with their own fishing. I feel that this puts me in an excellent position to know what is going on at ground level, and to know what the members require from the lakes and facilities.

I have always been actively involved with maintenance of the lakes and will continue to be so. I currently work in the construction industry and this has been helpful in the past with advice and maintenance of the lakes.


Proxy forms can be downloaded, completed and posted to Horseshoe Lake, Burford Road, Lechalde, GL7 3QQ. All proxys must be received by 5pm on the 6th October 2017. 

Below you will find the agenda, previous minutes and accounts that form part of the agenda. 

Following the closure of the formal meeting there will be an open forum following by light refreshments.