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AGM 2020 final Posted on 12/01/2021

AGM 2020 final

Keeping the Carp Society Running in difficult times

The Carp Society AGM

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic we have been unable to hold our AGM, which was due to have taken place in November 2020. The purpose of the AGM is always to ask members to agree the accounts presented to them, in accordance with the requirement that the Carp Society is being run in a suitable and efficient manner.

Additionally, in 2020, a number of current board members, whose term of office had expired would have needed to put themselves forward for re-election, or to have stood down in order for new board members to be elected. We had hoped to be able to hold an AGM in early 2021, but circumstances now suggest this is now extremely unlikely to take place. For those of us who currently run the Society on your behalf, our main concern is to ensure that the organisation is able to continue to function in a manner which is able to comply with legal requirements, and allows our employees to go about their day to day work secure in the knowledge they have both our support and that of our members.

We have therefore decided to ask you, the members to support us in the following actions:

1. That you vote on line to approve the accounts produced at the end of this newsletter.

2. That you agree to those board members prepared to continue in post to run the Carp Society until such time as we can safely hold an AGM, but for no longer than November 2021, when we will be able to reassess the situation based on the circumstances at that time.

We would ask you to vote for, or against one or other or both proposals, by download & complete the attached form, and send by e-mail to: by Feb 10th 2021.

Should you have any particular questions prior to casting a vote, please direct them to: and I will do my best to respond.

Please, do your utmost to express an opinion ASAP in order to help us keep the Carp Society operating effectively on a day to day basis on your behalf.

If you have any issues downloading or viewing the forms please contact Sabrina on



End of year accounts to 31.5.2020