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RIP BAZ Posted on 08/02/2017


It is with great sorrow that we say good night to Carp Society stalwart Baz Griffith. An active member, Baz served as 'Secretary' of the Society during the mid 80's, and for many years ran the Carp Society's West Midlands region. Baz never did anything in half measures and his regional... read more

Licence to trap otters in fenced waters Posted on 10/10/2016

Licence to trap otters in fenced waters

A response by the Carp Society In line with all other angling groups the Carp Society is aware of and concerned about the effect predation from a range of species is having on our sport. This results in us wishing to work with, and support, the work of the Predation Action Group, as we recognise... read more