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April 2017 Pt 1 Posted on 29/04/2017

April 2017 Pt 1

April 2017 Jesus, it's April already, quite apt that I should start the month of Easter with a bit of blasphemy. The months are certainly rattling by now. There's so much going on now with the Carp Society, it's pretty much non-stop. Hopefully by now you will be aware... read more

March 2017 Part 2 Posted on 07/04/2017

March 2017 Part 2

March 2017 Part 2   Told you it wouldn't be long. It's always good to start the blog off with some catch reports, (A) because it means everything else in Carp Society world is going well, and (B) it usually means Horseshoe is fishing well. And low and behold, both... read more