Update 25/03/2020

Along with most other lakes and fishing organisations, the Carp Society has closed our Horseshoe and Farriers fisheries. The locks have been changed and members and non-members alike should abide by Government directions and ‘stay at home’. We have as a matter of course put in place measures to protect our property and stocks in the weeks and possibly months ahead. A rota of our bailiffs, will ensure a presence on the water at all times, for both security reasons and to feed our stock fish. (It is possible we may also take advantage of the closure to carry out essential maintenance).These people will be issued a letter of authority, to allow them access. Additionally our premises at Horseshoe are fitted CCTV for security purposes, and a member of staff lives on site.

During the period of closures, we will be considering how to respond in relation to permit holders on both lakes. Clearly this will be affected by the length of time the Virus keeps the country in "Lock Down" and our ability to manage financially. For the moment you are requested not to telephone our offices, as there is only a general message, with no answer phone facility. If you need to contact us urgently, please e-mail sales@thecarpsociety.com and we will do our best to respond as soon as we reasonably can.

We urgently request you to stay away until further notice! However, if anyone feels they can avoid this advice and visits our lakes without appropriate authorisation, we will not only name and shame you; you will also be banned from our fisheries for life.

Thank you all for your co-operation. Stay safe everyone, and see you all when this dreadful virus passes and we can get back to business as usual. The Carp Society

Important update (23/03/2020)

Following the Prime Ministers address this evening, the Carp Society feel we need to take action to close our lakes will close with immediate effect. Whilst we had hoped to keep the lakes open to permit holders whilst closing our shop and asking anglers to follow sensible health care and arrangement, Government announcements, have however taken that decision out of our hands.

Horseshoe, Farriers and Little Farriers will therefore close with immediate effect, any anglers present should leave the lakes by 12 midday tomorrow 24/03/2020 & return home, after this the gate locks will be changed until further notice. We know this will be disappointing to anglers, a further statement will be issued as soon as we know more.

As from 22/03/2020 and until further notice, day tickets will not be available for Horseshoe Lake. We are sorry to the people planning to come down but I’m sure everyone is well aware that this measure hasn’t been taken lightly but in view of everything going on it’s the best cause of action.

Permit holders can still fish but please act sensibly. If you use the facilities wash them after use. Keep your distance from other people. If people act responsibly it may well be possible to remain open until or if we are forced to close.
Additional as of today all double swims will be SINGLE - permitting only one angler to be present/fish from a swim this is to ensure social distancing. Please ensure to adhere to social distancing which means keeping 2m away from other people this includes standing around talking to fellow anglers. Please act responsibly.

But as it stands there’s no day tickets but permit holders may still come.

Thank you, we will keep you informed should anything change.