Carp Society membership From £25.00

To fish any of our lakes you will need to become a full Carp Society member. The annual adult membership fee is £25 and joining could not be easier.

Non fishing guests (partners or children) must be a Carp Society member when visiting or staying with anglers on the lake. Visitors must not be given access codes/keys to the lake but must be let in/out by the angler who is fishing.

  • Partner memberships are charged at the full rate of £25 
  • Junior memberships are £10 (Juniors aged 5-15 years old) they will come with a pin badge and sticker set.  

YOUR FREE GIFT - We will send out the latest Carp Fisher magazine to you with your new membership 



)Please note when completing the membership application form your email address may be used to send notices, e-newsletters and promotional material, all of these will be Carp Society related and send directly from the Carp Society email or a thrid party email system called *constant contacts*. Your details will never be shared with any other organisation. You will have the options to opt out of these emails by clicking on the unsubscribe at any time.