40th Anniversary - Carp Society

40th Anniversary - Carp Society

LAKE SWIMS 70 - 25 will be closed to anglers 


Join us for our special 40th anniversary event this May 2021

The event will take place in compliance with full covid regulations, please ensure you have a facemask to wear and adhere to social distancing 

book & signing 


Contributors confirmed as attending the book signing so far... Julian Cundiff, Shaun Harrison, Mark Holmes, Rob Hughes, Merv Pennell, Mark Walsingham, Lee Jackson, Derek Stritton, Craig Lyons, Tim Paisley, Miles Carter, Damian Clarke, Bob James & , Ian Chillcott, Brian Skoyles

Its worth noting that Richie McDonald, Kev Clifford and Mally Roberts are also due to attend along with other big name suspects who alwasys turn up for occassions involving reminiscing. 

Trade attending 

Little Egret Press

PB Products

CR baits

Submerge Clothing

QC Baits & Bank statement clothing

Carp Particles

Vardis Tackle

Perch Fishers

Capture Carp

GCT Angling

Banklife fishing



DT Baits

Castaway PVA 

Aquaculture Equipment

Anglers Charity Auctions

Phoenix Heroes