This is the Society’s third book, following on from For the Love of Carp (1989) and Carp Hunters (1994).

37 years on from the launch of the Society ‘for the love of carp’ still sums upwhat carp fIshing, and The Carp Society, are all about. Inevitably time has changed the face of carp fIshing’s writers. Four of the original contributors are no longer with us, and only ahandful of the contributors this time around had chapters in the 1989 book.

Brian Skoyles was one of those contributors, and he has happily collected the material this time around, and contributed the idea for the ‘Heaven and Hell’ theme, and a chapter, and one from his talented son Martyn. Of the contributors thirteen are high profle carpers who have already had books published, and of the remainder we can rest assured the appearance of their first book is only a matter of time.

Carp fishing has always been blessed with anglers who are able to sit down and commit thousands of words to paper to express their love of carp fishing, and, in this instance, their support for the Society. Without their muchappreciated support a book of this type would not be possible. ‘Heaven and Hell’ is an apt theme for carp fishing, and for the Society, which is recovering from a troubled passage in its history, as a couple of the chapters in the book reveal.

I was involved in the production of the first book, as I have been in the production of this one. I can honestly say that the Society has come a long, long way since 1989, with the acquisition of its waters, and the building of an HQ on Horseshoe Lake. The one constant is that everyone involved in the book’s writing, compilation and production is still doing it ‘for the love of carp’.

Where will the Society be in 37 years’ time? You can have a say in that. The Society was born and has grown on the back of the efforts of passionate carp anglers who have a public spirited streak. You can get involved and help make the next 37 years as rewarding as the first 37.

Mike Starkey - Designer & producer of the book 


The Carp Society is forever grateful to each person here for their contribution to the book

Derek Stritton, Tim Paisley, Miles Carter, Steve Briggs, Beverley Clifford, Julian Cundiff, Oz Holness, Shaun Harrison, Chris Ball, Derek Stritton, Martyn Skoyles, Ben Selby, Phoebe Stuart, Mike Starkey, Ian Chillcott, Iain Macmillan, Tom Maker, Paul Selman, Chris Currie, Olly Smith, Brian Skoyles, Bill Cottam, Simon Crow Dave Levy, Clive Gibbins, Mike Kavanagh, Miranda Brown, Rob Hughes, Mark Walsingham, Mike Wilson, Rod Hutchinson, Peter J Thomas, Baz Griffiths


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